Ready for the long haul flight, not that bad!

One of the first things people ask me is how do I do that long haul flight a couple of times a year. No problem I answer! Its all in the way you look at it I believe and also the times you fly. I always catch an evening flight that leaves around 9.30pm, I have had my dinner before getting on the plane ready to settle in and watch a couple of movies. By this time I am well and truly sleepy and ready to say goodnight.

Having not eaten the plane food late at night it aids in having a more reasonable nights sleep. I usually take something to help me get to sleep and most times wake up between 7-8 hours later with usually around 4 hours to go to landing. Once landed its usually a couple of hours turn around before boarding once more with a 5-6 hour flight straight in to Venice landing at 1.30pm.

Travelling over is always so much easier than coming back as so many of you have experienced but I find if you land around 6.30pm your not needing to stay up too long before getting to bed. Over the years I have experienced everything from no jet lag to kill me now jet lag, however I think I have given myself these days with hindsight the best chance possible for maximum recovery.

So as I head back to Italy for my September food and wine tours keep up to date with my blog posts to see how much fun we get up to!!

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