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When I was just eight years old, I visited the place of my heritage in the north of Italy to spend three months with my family.  It was at this time, that I started a love affair with the foodie delights, the smells and the tastes of Italy. A love, that even today, runs deep through my heart.

My guests enjoy an intimate tour that indulges their senses on every level. It’s the real tastes; the real smells; the real food; and the real people that we get to share on a journey through my ancestral homeland.

My tours are all about experiencing the real Italy through connection with both the people and surroundings.  I hope you can join me for the experience.

About our tours

Join Us In The Real Italy And Feel Something.

Our small group Italy tours are just exceptional.  Intimate, behind-the-scenes access, privately hosted by a real Italian family and Annie. It’s a must do, so consider joining us.

Discover these regions with us...


known as the city of water, the town is circled by a town wall and by waterways. Rebuilt and restored after Second World War bombing, the town centre is a rambling maze of streets lined with arcaded walkways. Looking up, you’ll see fragments of the painted frescoes which once decorated Treviso’s houses.

Treviso also has a notable shrine to retail therapy: it’s the birthplace of Luciano Benetton, founder of the worldwide empire. The family lives locally and Benetton’s flagship store dominates a central piazza. The main shopping axis extends from Corso del Popolo through Piazza dei Signori and into via Calmaggiore.



is best known for its covered bridge over the Brenta, the strong grappa liqueur produced in the area, the military history of Monte Grappa and locally-produced ceramics. The most famous view of Bassano del Grappa is of its principal landmark, the Ponte degli Alpini, also known as the Ponte Vecchio (‘Old Bridge’). Bassano’s famous alcoholic product, grappa, takes its name, like the town, from the mountain. The fiery liqueur, which comes in many varieties, is made from leftovers of the winemaking process. It can be found all over Italy, but this area is particularly renowned for its grappa.



is notable for its remarkable medieval fortifications – the centre of town is enclosed within a tall circular wall, studded with towers and ringed by a moat. It was constructed for military purposes by the Commune of Padua in 1220, not long after their rival city Treviso constructed similar – but square – fortifications at nearby Castelfranco Veneto. The 1461 meters of walls, two meters thick and 14 meters high, hug the historic center of Cittadella in an oval shape, making them some of the most unique and beautiful defensive walls in all of Europe.


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