A tour with a difference

Its hard to believe Annie’s Italy 2019 is done and dusted and what a week we had. This tour was full of first times which was exciting not only for me but also my guests. Firstly we stayed at an incredible B&B hidden in the Tarzo Hills, with a drive way to challenge even the most confident of drivers. I couldn’t wait to share with my guests on arrival day this magic place which was met with gasps upon our arrival ( also because of the drive way).

Ruth & Andrea our B&B hosts and lets not forget Denny, Ruth’s father and their gorgeous little girl Jasmine were waiting our arrival at the top of the steep drive way. Met with big hugs, kisses, prosecco and afternoon delights our guests were transported to another world up high. Our group of 4 were shown their rooms and given time to settle in and an aperitivo time of course.

The week that followed was filled love, laughter, incredible food and wine and a real sense of the real Italy. Interestingly enough two of my guests proceeded to tell me that they have visited Italy many times and actually never liked it and their family didn’t know why they were coming back. Visiting major towns in the past they experienced bad food and service along with a perception Italy was greatly dirty. The whole week there mouths were aghast as they experienced an Italy they didn’t know existed filled with incredible producers and a generosity of spirit which left them in awe!! OK job done!!

Our tour included an elegant dinner at Villa Anagarano, a cooking class with our hosts, prosciutto education and tasting and our first time to Trieste.This hustling and bustling town with the most incredible Piazza on the water was a joy for us all. We had lunch with 6th generation prosciutto supplier Federica Morgante at her families recently opened salumeria in Trieste and what a delight this was. Federica the day before had shown us all things prosciutto in San Daniele followed by lunch also, her generosity of time she gives Annie’s Italy always blows me away.

A quick thank you to those who came and experienced my Italy and in particular the Veneto region of my roots. I never take for granted people entrusting me with their holiday plans and seeing a side to Italy they haven’t seen before.


Grazie mille


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